Even Coffee Machines Can Break

paper cones The Paper Cup Factory

Coffee machines of all types and size can break, even those at home. Depending on the cost of your coffee machine it may be just as well to dispose of and buy a new one, however, some can cost quite a bit of money and if you are out of warranty, then a repair may be the best option. The majority of our business comes from commercial chains of coffee shops as these machines are designed to be used repeatedly day after day, but they do require maintenance and if they break it really is essential to get them back up and functioning as business will suffer. Alongside our repair business, we also offer supply of coffee cups and even branded coffee cups that are fully recyclable or compostable – check out our sister website – The Paper Cup Factory. You’ll see that we supply a huge range of paper based products – various sizes of cups and even paper cones for water cooler machines.

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