How to clear a blockage in a washing machine

There are many things that can block a washing machine; the most common tends to be rags and baby socks that block the sump hose. Over the years there have been many sump hoses that have been developed to trap coins and include anti siphon balls. Many of the more recent machines include a pressure vessel that attaches to the pressure switch through a small pipe. As the water level rises in the vessel it then creates air pressure which allows the pressure switch to know how much water is in the machine. All of these pipes should be clear of any calcium, sludge and debris in order to keep the washing machine working as expected.

When a washing machine is left not in use for significant periods of time then the anti siphon ball can sometimes stick to the rubber hose – this is one of the reasons you should ensure that the pipes are kept clean. Therefore, we recommend that you put the washing machine on a hot wash at least once a month to help dissolve any dirt in the machine and also remove any unused detergent.

The sump filter trap is a design that has been created to catch small items before it reaches the pump to avoid causing any damage to the impeller of the pump. This area is typically referred to as the coin trap or the engineer’s piggy bank. It is not unknown to find in excess of £10 or more in these filters and also jewellery and even wedding rings!

The anti-siphon ball was also an invention aimed to prevent odours coming back into the machine and also prevent waste water entering the drum, but there is often a flap fitted to the outlet pipe which also does this job.

Remember not to overload the washing machine as this is what forces items to the bottom half of the drum. Also, make sure that you empty all pockets before putting them into the washing machine as one coin can cause a disaster in damaging the drum and subsequently the appliance may need to be repaired.

Repairing appliances is on the up as more and more of us want better value for money, especially when times are tight. Also, the cost of a new washing machine can be consider as a big purchase, and why spend that money if a simple low cost fix is possible.

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