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  • How to clear a blockage in a washing machine

    Remember not to overload the washing machine as this is what forces items to the bottom half of the drum. Also, make sure that you empty all pockets before putting them into the washing machine as one coin can cause a disaster in damaging the drum and subsequently the appliance may need to be repaired.

    Repairing appliances is on the up as more and more of us want better value for money, especially when times are tight. Also, the cost of a new washing machine can be consider as a big purchase, and why spend that money if a simple low cost fix is possible.

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  • TV Buying Guide

    Welcome to our TV Buying Guide – this guide is designed to draw from our experience over the years of some good and some not so good televisions out there. Things you should consider when parting with your cash for a better model, longer warranty and other specifications. For those time that your TV needs repaired and is out of warranty, turn to the pros at appliance repair Scottsdale scottsdaleapplianceexperts.com who will fix it without fail. From their experience it is mainly just one component that needs replaced and can extend the life of all TV’s for years to come.